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Hello there and thanks for taking the time to visit my website!

I'm Chantelle, and I'm passionate about carving my own path in the world, that means there aren't any cookie-cutter designs here. Every design is made with love, with a big investment in your day and with high quality blooms.

Each and every leaf and petal is placed deliberately keeping the flow of the design moving, telling a story.

video credit: Silver Key Films

Hi I'm Chantelle. I am a floral designer/artist for weddings, events and functions. I have been flowering away for 9 years.

Since a young age I have been blessed with creativity, whether it's my love for flowers,art or music I have always enjoyed everything artsy.

When I moved to Perth I soon signed up to start my schooling in floristry and thereafter got my first traineeship. Don't get me wrong as the 5 hours of travel on buses a day was tough, however I was commited and eager to learn, you have to start somewhere after all. After a year I got signed off of my traineeship and got to work all over Perth as a fully qualified florist.

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I loved the work, but so much of it becomes routine and a lot of production line work and this went against all my creative energy.

In 2017 after much pondering, I finally decided to take that giant leap and started working on my own business. In the beginning it was tough but as I began to work on people's weddings I realised not only was it a huge privilege to work on someone's special-est of days, but that I was good at this and people genuinely enjoyed me being a part of it all, along with being so happy with their unique floral designs.

I received cards, testimonials, phone calls and big long hugs of joy and gratitude, and I knew that I was now in the right place, doing what was the goal all along... to make people happy, feel special on their special day.

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photo credit: Fox Fotograf

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